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Making an informed career choice at any stage of life can be and is one of the most exciting yet daunting experiences for anyone; student, graduate or seasoned professional. mindmill careermaps can help make this process less intimidating, and amazingly more explorative and gratifying.

Mindmill Careermaps is an online profiling tool which helps to define and measure an individual’s natural aptitudes, abilities, interests and motivations. mindmill careermaps can be used by career advisors as an objective means to determine employability skills, enhance personal development plans and, ultimately, facilitate lifelong learning in the career guidance process.

The challenge for many careers advisors is in attaining a better match between individual competencies, skills and qualifications for the benefit of employers and extended learning environments.


Selecting candidates for training programmes, such as Graduate Development Programmes can be a daunting task. Mindmill have experience successfully indentifying candidates who have the capacity to rapidly learn new information in intensive training courses. Mindmill have identified candidates for programmes in a number of sectors, including ICT, Engineering, Law, Financial Services and Sales and Marketing.