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Careermaps is a candidate driven platform that allows candidates to be in charge of their career journey.

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Careermaps is an easy and accessible application that allows individuals to assess their interests in order to seek and apply for relevant jobs, all in one platform!

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Candidate driven

Careermaps is a candidate focused platform targeting students and or job seekers to identify ‘best suited’ industries and job family areas.

Mobile Friendly

Careermaps ensures to meet the demands of a mobile, always on society with an easy interaction mobile platform.

Career Guidance

Careermaps scientifically matches candidates motivations and behavioural preferences to either educational or occupational opportunities to provide a modern day career guidance experience.

Education/Employer Friendly

Careermaps has everything in one place to streamline the recruitment and selection process.

Personal Profile
Individual can create profile suited to their preferences and can easily assess and seek relevant opportunities.
Assessment Completion
Each individual will complete a personality and JOIN assessment.
Based on completed assessment each individual will get a behavioural report.
Search and Opportunities
A list of jobs/courses will be provided so candidate can easily see what is available and easily access information.
List of applied jobs from individual allows to be easily monitored.
Invitations and Favourites
All invitations to interviews can easily be monitored here with the option to favourite your top preferred jobs.

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